• Impact of BEST past EXPERIENCES
    140% more spent vs
    POOR past experiences

    Harvard Business Review



    The real value of customer experience

  • Enhanced CUSTOMER satisfaction, 

    increased REVENUE and

    greater EMPLOYEE satisfaction 



    What is your ROI on your customers' experience? 


  • Most good organisations 'get it right'
    most of the time
    EXCEPTIONAL organisations 'get it right'
    100% of the time



    We can help your business to be exceptional

  • Corporate leaders who would never tolerate a large gap between forecasted and actual revenues prefer to look the other way when company and customer assessments diverge  



    Are you paying lipservice

    to customer experience?

Why use the Consumer Psychology Lab? 

If you need to..

  • Increase sales, customer satisfaction and retention of customers
  • Become more customer-centric & responsive to customers' experience
  • Reduce frontline staff turnover & improve engagement      
  • Create real change in your organizational culture      
  • Implement a CEM program uniquely designed around your  business & customer experience challenges
  • Use a system to seamlessly integrate with your business 

If you are looking for...      

  • Flexibility and agility      
  • Consistency and reliability      
  • Highly skilled team & hands-on management      
  • Team with strong work ethic & passion for customer experience 

Understanding, changing and managing consumer behaviour

We Understand

We use various research methodologies to understand consumers and their behaviour

We Change

We develop strategy and intervention frameworks mobilise change

We Manage

We manage behaviour through tracking stakeholder feedback 

The Customer Experience Landscape


CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is customers' emotional response to any contact, channel, or with employees. If all contact is experienced as consistantly positive, it will positively impact on SHARE OF HEART, and WALLET...  


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