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Customer experience is about how customers FEEL when they engage with your brand.

Companies who are serious about differntiation and sustainability, are also serious about Voice of the Customer 

They listen carefully to customers’ experiences,

  • The way they feel when they engage with the brand 

  • Their pain points and challenges

  • Whether they have been delighted or not

  • What they want to feel

  • What they need and expect to feel valued  

The VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER points to challenges, opportunities and overall experience

We design the right approach for your business. Our trained and skilled team "listen" to customers through various channels: focus groups, personal or telephonic conversations, social media reviews, electronic and online feedback from customers

The VOICE OF THE EMPLOYEE also forms a part of our diagnostic approach.  How employees FEEL about the brand, profucts, work environment, support, the company, reward and recognition and training all impact on service delivery. The aim is to secure the SHARE OF HEART and passion for the brand

BRAND PROMISE How a brand is positioned in the minds of consumers impact their expectations and, in turn, their experience.

We Provide Strategic Solutions

Our customer journey maps are designed for clear understanding of customers' journey when they engage with the brand. Customers use multiple channels to acquire what brands have to offer and expect a consistent experience at all touch points, including: websites, email communication, social media or on premise (stores, shops, warehouses) and call centres.


Customer journey mapping provides the blueprint of critical critical touch points for experience gaps and opportunities in service delivery. 

Solutions focus on

  1. Differentiation to attract the attention and interest of potential customers

  2. Retaining customers (loyalty)

  3. Cultivating brand ambassadors (evangelists) through referrals

Strategy development focus on EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT to ensure employees' understanding of the brand’s promise and empowering them to behave consistently across all touch points with customers. 



We Provide Solution Management

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT incorporates integrated and web-based CSI (customer satisfaction index) or CEX (customer experience).

Our bespoke CEM provides a framework to obtain, measure, track and report on the VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER. It also has the ability to custom-design a specific framework for the unique challenges of different brands. Both qualitative or quantitative approaches are used to unpack brand experience.

Service recovery is a critical part of closing the loop. Service failures and subsequent recovery, are often the greatest opportunities to turn detractors into promotors. Customers who experience responsiveness, respect for their dignity and time, as well as personalised responses, often become brand ambassadors 

  • CEM review, design, implementation and execution

  • Strategy development – customer experience, communication, brand, integrated marketing strategies and activation plans

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Implementation support

  • CE/CSI measurement and tracking

  • CE service recovery management

  • Brand, employee value proposition development



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