What We Do

We Understand

We use a range of research methodologies to understand consumers' behaviour

We Change

Changing behaviour requires strategy and intervention plans for both internal and extermal stakeholders

We Manage

We manage behaviour through tracking stakeholder feedback

Customer Experience Management

How to turn detractors into promoters


We understand

We unpack the rational, emotional and subconscious needs and desires brands fulfil; customers' experiences when interacting with brands and where brands can create opportunities for more magic in their customers’ experience.   We use various methodologies: Focus groups, IDI (in-depth interviews), CATI (computer assisted telephonic interviews); Observations; Immersions (ethnography); Segmentation/ Psychographic profiling; Quantitative and qualitative tracking studies; Neuro-marketing studies (eye-tracking and facial recognition); Brand and customer-centricity maturity audits; Qualitative content analysis of customer feedback through various channels and Customer Journey mapping


We Change

We assist our clients to design ideal customer journeys and to align employees to the brand purpose, values and customer experience goals. We aim to assist in turning detractors into promoters, increase sales through retaining loyal customers who become brand evangelists and to become more customer-centric. We develop strategy and frameworks for improved customer experience and internal alignment to achieve these objectives. Customer experience management (CEM) requires consideration of internal and external stakeholders in the architecture of a journey map, with customers' experience in the service delivery, as a focal point. Service delivery gaps, process challenges, internal alignment and service recovery are cornerstones of the design framework for planning and implementation. 

We Manage

We support the management of behaviour through measuring and tracking overall customer experience. Our unique conversational approach to engage with customers about their experience, provides a platform for deeper insight because customers are able to explain their reactions, emotions and experience. We develop customized and integrated systems to process data, feedback and reporting CE performance and service recovery to clients

Contact Details

M +27 82 464 6811

Parkhurst, 2193



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