Who We Are

Our key differentiator and primary focus is


We provide a comprehensive customer experience management service, including assessments, strategy, design, implementation and tracking systems

The Consumer Psychology Lab is a specialised research and strategy consultancy. We aim to provide insight into consumer behaviour to address clients' unique challenges, but we believe research is a means to an end, not the end itself

In a nutshell, our purpose is to understand, change and manage consumer behaviour

Where We Come From


In 2005, Dr Klaas Jonkheid founded The Consumer Psychology Lab - with a vision to help clients with understand and change consumers' behaviour.  As an experienced consumer psychologist and marketing strategist, he was recognised for his innovation in consumer research. He had a curious mind and equipped those working with him by sharing his knowledge and insights on a daily basis. His legacy continues through the current team. The Consumer Psychology Lab continues to build on the principles and methodologies established by him.


Marketing, Communications, Research and Customer Experience Specialist 


I am passionate about helping companies to deliver memorable experiences. As a consumer myself, I want to have a good experience wherever I choose to spend my money, but have been disappointed all to often.  With 30 years' experience in marketing, research and customer experience management and with my roots firmly in the social sciences, I am providing hands-on, meaningful consulting services to help improve service in SA.

I developed a strong compassion for EMPLOYEES who have to deliver a service. They often are trapped between business' ambiguous framework of expected service delivery within disempowering systems or procedures. CONSUMERS retaliate by walking away or using more public platforms such as socia media to get business to listen to them.  My passion and purpose is to help bridge this gap.

My skills and expertise were developed through working in a range of fields, in various industries:

  • Qualitative research and strategy development for clients in the auto-motive, media, healthcare, services, social and retail industries
  • Business consulting and mentoring services for startups 
  • Customer experience management ranging from strategy development and design, enabling and tracking 

We need to bring the human touch back into business interactions and basic good manners and empathy are the most important elements of service experience. 


Customer Experience Enterprise


The Consumer Psychology Lab team has extensive experience in customer experience management (CEM); this includes programme design, implementation and tracking in auto-motive, healthcare, staffing and media industries. We engage the services of our network of experts in various fields within the market research and branding arena when necessary. We have formed strategic alliances with these experts as they share our passion, approach to quality research, customer experience and professionalism. Our fieldwork team includes:

  • Research and clinical psychologists
  • Qualitative and quantitative fieldworkers and moderators
  • Call centre (MRM support)
  • IT development (Starbright)
  • Branding experts (Indicate Brand Mangers)
  • Neuro-marketing Lab (Unisa and Neuralsense)
  • Customer experience management (Brandlove)


BEE Status 


We are classified as an EME level 4 BEE company and various BEE compliant companies as suppliers and sub-contractors to conduct fieldwork.



Contact Details

M +27 82 464 6811

Parkhurst, 2193



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