Do you know where to focus customer experience improvement initiatives?

Struggling with any of these challenges in your business?

  • ‘Customer services’ is the only department managing customer complaints with limited support from other business units
  • There is NO clear plan how to improve CX
  • There is an overwhelming number of customer complaints with too many dissatisfied customers
  • The same type of customer complaints continuously surface

Having a Customer Experience Strategy is not always part of the EXCO’s presentation packs to the board. But just as a marketing strategy defines a brand’s positioning, and an HR strategy defines how staff are recruited and managed, a customer experience strategy enables a company to have ONE VIEW of how to serve customers for the desired experience for satisfaction and loyalty.

Crafting a customer experience strategy helps everyone throughout the business value chain to understand: who are your customers, what problems they want to solve, and how to serve them for the desired outcome: impressed customers who buy more and tell others of their positive experience. In addition, having a CX strategy provides the framework for the measurement of CX to the bottom line of the business.

What we do

Designing your customer experience strategy

Now that you’ve unearthed the raw, precious truths and data – what will you do with it? It’s time to craft your CX strategy supported by an action plan to enhance your marketing, brand management, internal and external communications, customer experience, customer experience management, and more. The CX Essence framework will help everyone in the business to understand who the customers are, how to serve them for the best results and how to know and measure what is achieved.

How do we do this

We support you to craft a robust Customer Experience strategy, using industry insights to augment your own knowledge of your brand and the markets you serve. We help you to articulate your brand’s Customer Experience Essence and vision in a way that every employee will know and understand what you want your customers’ to experience, and what the promises are to customers when they engage with your brand. It is optimal to approach this with sufficient information around customer insights, channel reviews and employee engagement reviews.

“Maximizing satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential not only to increase customer satisfaction by 20% but also to lift revenue by up to 15% while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.”  – McKinsey & Company

Why is a Customer Experience Framework important?

  • We need a road map before we set off – to know where we’re going, how we will get there and to realize when we’ve reached our destination (or gotten lost).
  • Customer Experience framework helps everyone in the company to understand what is expected and to get everyone “on board” to achieve it.
  • The process of developing a Customer Experience strategy is invaluable in clarifying your business and Customer Experience goals, which also informs your overall business strategy.
  • A well-designed Customer Experience strategy ensures optimal use of your resources and employees and a thorough understanding of structures, silos and processes that impact on service delivery and brand experience.
  • Successfully implementing a spot-on Customer Experience strategy converts customers where it matters most – in their minds and through their emotions, creating long term loyalty.
  • Your Customer Experience strategy also aligns everyone in the company towards a common goal and ensures that service recovery, information sharing and innovation are considered during the design process.

How we do this

To craft a CX strategy requires sessions with various stakeholders and a collaborative workshop to unpack and define the framework

  • Customer Experience masterclasses
  • Consultation
  • Exploratory interviews
  • CX Essence design workshops

What you get

  • A powerful well-informed Customer Experience strategy tailored to your individual brand and the emotional journey you aspire to create for the markets you are targeting.
  • Your Customer Experience strategy will inform and enhance your marketing, brand management, internal and external communications, customer experience, customer experience management, and ultimately, your bottom line. 
  • Your Customer Experience Essence will be an easy reference for the entire business to understand the customer promises to ensure customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Employees who are clear on what is expected to be delivered and who are empowered to deliver the desired experience.
  • CX champions using their super powers to ignite the desire experience for customers.
  • An army of loyal customers (brand advocates) who will serve your brand over the long-term, in business and positive word-of-mouth marketing (the very best kind!).
  • A dedicated, fully engaged customer base means meaningful savings on more traditional forms of marketing and customer retention.


The strategy will align everyone towards your common goals, where you are and want to be, as well as how you will track and remain on course