Empower your Staff

Powerful workshops will empower your employees, not just inspiring a strong work ethic but also igniting a passion for your brand. Take your pick from our CX master classes, journey mapping, skills development, special in-service recovery.

What we do

We empower your employees into a fully immersive relationship with your brand. This also help you align your corporate culture with that of your brand and your Customer Experience strategy. Our workshops are very practical and provide the ideal platform to develop skills necessary to improve your employees’ service delivery.

Developing and mastering customer experience competences are not exclusive to leadership.  All employees, especially your customer facing employees, can improve customers’ experience through these competencies.

We help your employees in basic understanding of soft skills that will empower them to deal with difficult customer interface, not by teaching them what to do, but helping them to practice how to do it.

“Over $500 Billion Is Lost Every Year Due to Employee Disengagement.” – Rapt Media

Why is it important to empower your staff?

  • It is important to empower staff because when they “get” the brand and the Customer Experience strategy, they can deliver service from a basis of “knowing” what is right, and without being micro-managed.
  • Effective workshops help your employees to learn how to behave through practice, and self-discovery as oppose to knowing what to do.
  • Your employees are more engaged because they understand the framework of the brand positioning
  • Your employees go the extra mile when they feel valued.
  • “Old school” training is boring and employees don’t appreciate the investment and value
  • Employees who are part of the design of the service delivery are more committed to execution, because they own it.
  • Building competencies empower employees on a personal level which contributes to the “stickiness” required to reduce churn and increase productivity.
  • Effective skills development empower your employees to do their job exceptionally well, which translates into enhanced profits and employee satisfaction.
  • Employees that share a strong passion for your brand will effortlessly carry this ethos over to customers and everyone they meet outside of the workplace.
  • It’s crucial for a company’s corporate culture to match their brand, as it aligns employees with your goal and transform them into authentic representatives.

How we do this

  • Customer Experience master classes
  • Tailored workshops
    • Brand alignment
    • Customer Experience Innovation
    • Personal and brand identity and purpose
    • Strategy development
    • Journey mapping
  • Tailored (soft) Skills development
    • Telephone etiquette
    • Problem solving
    • Managing conflict
    • Understanding body language
  • Special in-service recovery
  • Online – webinars
  • Immersions
  • Mobile tutoring
  • Coaching and mentoring

What you get

  • Exceptional tailor-made employee development designed and delivered within your brand and Customer Experience context and challenges.
  • A highly-motivated, empowered workforce that thrives on protecting and growing your brand.
  • Decreased costs related to employee churn, recruitment, unproductiveness and absenteeism.
  • Increase in customer experience metrics.
  • On premise and on-line scalable employee development solutions.