Are your customers’ needs and expectations changing?

Struggling with any of these challenges in your business?

  • Your customers’ needs and expectations changed and it is unclear what they want now?
  • The pandemic forced your business to adopt new ways of serving customers, some earlier than planned
  • You want to introduce new products or services, but you’re not sure if your market will buy or use them?
  • You are uncertain how to improve your customers’ satisfaction

Everything starts with the CUSTOMER – the very reason for your business’ existence.  SOLVING THEIR PROBLEMS is the epicentre of how to present your solutions and grow your business. Getting and keeping customers – delighting them to such an extent that they become advocates for the brand, requires that you know your customers [customer insight] is it is the basis of a thriving business. Having an ‘intimate’ knowledge of customers’ needs, wants, aspirations, fears, pain points and the problems they want to be solved is your key to success!

What we do

Get to know your customers

We will help you to discover what really matters to your customers. Our expert qualitative and quantitative research provides insightful feedback and analysis of consumer and brand behaviour. Our strategic partners offer the latest technology in neuroscience, and our methods include immersions, biometrics and customer workshops, traditional focus groups, in-depth interviews and quantitative surveys.

We gather and provide you with insightful feedback on your brand and consumer behaviour. We use empathy mapping as an effective tool to ‘see’ the world and your brand through your customers’ eyes.  Profiling customer clusters, as a tool for developing PERSONAS, enables companies to design their services and solutions for and around their customers.

“70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.” – McKinsey report

Why is customer insights so important?

  • Adequate, expert research is fundamental in exploring the potential success of a new brand or product.
  • The survival of existing brands and products depends heavily on the relationship they have with their consumers.
  • Knowing the customer – what they need, want and how they behave, holds the key to design for success.

How we do this

Getting to know your customers can be done using different methodologies. The most popular are methods that allow talking to them directly, and getting a solid understanding of the problems they are trying to solve, how they go about it, their experience and so on. 

The rich information extracted from qualitative research provides the insights to identify gaps and opportunities to improve service and solutions offered. 

‘White’ spaces in customer journeys often hold opportunities for brands to own a problem space that may not necessarily form part of the core competency of the value offering.  These are the gems to consider, for a real differentiated experience for the customer can only be discovered through a deeper knowledge of your customers.

  • In-depth interviews
  • Traditional focus groups
  • Customer workshops
  • Immersions
  • Observations
  • Mystery shopping
  • Channel reviews
  • Quantitative surveys and data analytics
  • Neuroscience technology (Biometrics)

What you get

Seriously powerful insights into your customers’ worlds … all to help you ensure that you design experiences that will keep them loving your brand!