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Find out more about how we as a boutique customer experience CX consultancy help our clients thrive in a challenging marketplace: by creating a more human connection with your customers.

We help to hold on to loyal customers, attract new ones, and activate your most valuable asset, your employees. 

There are various definitions digging into all sorts of details to explain the concept of CX customer experience. But, at its core customer experience deals with emotional response. Whenever someone interacts with your brand they become emotionally involved, and the impact of their emotional response, is what customer experience is all about. Contrary to what you might think, their emotional response is not only determined by how they felt at the time of their experience but, rather, by the recollection of the interaction and the feelings they had afterwards of the entire experience. 

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So, what exactly shapes these customer experiences?

Some noteworthy factors that shape your customer experiences include their current mindset, expectations, fears, needs, wants, previous experiences, and even subconscious triggers. These factors are activated by all the sensory elements your customers comes across during their time with your brand. It contributes both to what they remember and to the intensity of their experience.

The intricate nature of experience means that it is always subjective, and it always carries some emotive element.

Why is this so important, do you ask?

Emotional Connection

Why is an emotional connection so important, you may ask? Unlike any previous time during the history of the planet, modern lifestyle is painted as choice at your fingertips. We have instant access to a virtually endless array of options for just about anything you might need. To stand out in this murky market environment, customer experience becomes the only true currency for sustainable brand differentiation.

When customer experience is designed, instead of left to chance, the customer feels that your brand is consistent and it drives a deeper emotional connection to the brand. Ultimately, great experiences boost the loyalty of your customers so they stay with your brand for longer, buy more, and become powerful and convincing word-of-mouth advocates for your brand.

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