Buying Essential Goods
Buying Essential Goods
May 16, 2023 Research

The study aimed to understand how South Africans adjusted to the changes, especially how essential goods (before, during and potentially after the lockdown) are purchased.

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managing CX customer experience challenges

Are you an SME?

We want to know how you are managing the challenges around customer and staff experience in your business.

Most industry research and white papers focus on big business, and
often do not account for the context of smaller business. SME’s typically don’t have the deep pockets of big corporates for research, resources, expertise in CX. This is an opportunity to access industry trends focused specifically on smaller business.

We want to understand the needs of smaller business relating to
  1. The changing needs and expectations of your customers and employees;
  2. How you keep your customers, and
  3. How to turn them into brand advocates, to grow business.
  1. You will have access to the report [findings] to benchmark your business in a similar context;
  2. You will be eligible for one of THREE, free 3-hour consultation sessions by reputable CX specialists and business coaches [including high level recommendations].