Customer Service Training – Getting it right

Customer Service Training – Getting it right

The classic catch 22 for SMEs: to invest time or money on training or leave it to chance, and hope for the best?

In the aftermath of the pandemic, most small or medium sized businesses (SMEs) have been in a survival mode in an effort to recover from its impact on the bottom line, staff and customers. But continuing on this path without some intervention will lead to burnout.  For most SMEs, training is seldom a formalised strategy due to limited resources. There are no big budgets for expensive trainers, nor the time.

But you can no longer afford to delay investing in the people who represent your business every day! 

In tough economic times where money and time are in short supply, the only way to ensure your long-term survival as an SME is to have a constant flow of satisfied customers – and this will only be possible when their interaction with your team is a pleasant and memorable experience. You cannot leave this vital part of your business success to fate or chance.  The time to empower your entire team, especially your frontline staff, is right now. 

Mastering Customer Service Skills is an affordable, self-paced online training course that will help you and your team master the most important skills of customer service, and at the same time empower personal growth and development.

Liezel Jonkheid, a Customer Experience professional and thought leader, designed a self-paced, online skills course specifically for anyone who works in a customer service role, providing a progressive, systematic way to understand what exactly great customer service entails, and how to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities in this essential role.

It’s the perfect, affordable training solution to get your people onboard, motivated and skilled in delivering awesome customer experiences, as well as demonstrating your commitment to their career development and progression.

Mastering Customer Service Skills is about delivering the art and science of great customer service in one of the most demanding roles in any business. The course content, skills and knowledge gained are applicable across a huge diversity of industries and roles where service and engaging with people in business is key. Its quick, its focused and to the point.      

Who will benefit?

  • This course is an absolute must-have for every SME owner looking to avoid the time and huge expense of outsourced customer training, but still achieve outstanding, customer-focused results for your frontline people who can make or break your business success. 
  • It’s the ideal confidence booster for every customer-facing person – sales executives, shop assistants, call center agents, waiters, concierges, small business owners – anyone who has a frontline role serving and engaging with customers in-person, online or over the phone.     
  • Customer-facing staff who want to feel great about the service they deliver and be empowered to make a real difference for their customers. 

This is a course where the functional aspects of the job steps into the background for a while, and art and science of exceptional service move onto the centre stage to take your team and your business to the next level. 

What’s covered?

Mastering Customer Service Skills covers five critical skills:

  1. Self-awareness – becoming aware of who you are and the role this plays in interacting with others, understanding yourself, why you react the way you do, when and why you judge others and their behavior and how to react.
  2. Empathy – the ability to understand others by putting yourself in their shoes and seeing a situation from their perspective, which is an important part when it comes to solving problems and challenges and at the heart of delivering great service.
  3. Problem-solving – letting someone feel like they are heard requires that you use your senses, like your ability to see or observe, and to listen, and to confirm one’s understanding of the problem to be solved.
  4. Curiosity – being knowledgeable about things beyond your job can earn the respect of others and is a magical element of great customer service. You will be guided to be curious about things that will empower you with knowledge to be a master at solving customer problems.
  5. Dealing with difficult customers – learn how to put all these skills into practice to become skillful, confident, and professional in customer service, even with the most challenging of customers.

Happy employees = Happy customers = Happy business = Happy You.


  • At R299 via Udemy, this is a super-affordable investment in your personal and professional development as a customer service professional – for you and your staff. 
  • The course is delivered in 9 modules, all self-paced and online and completed in under 90 minutes. 

Get the course here:

If you sign up before the end of January 2023, the first 100 delegates will get Mastering Customer Service Skills absolutely free!  Now there’s a fantastic offer to kick off the year on the right foot, and make your business and service delivery every customer’s dream! 

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