VIDEO: The Power of Stories to harness VOC for Customer Experience Measurement

Have you ever told friends about an experience as a customer, saying “I had a 3/10 experience”? Most of us don’t share experiences in numbers. We generally tell stories, because a number does not explain our feelings and reactions.

Customer Experience is essentially about stories, and how those stories made you feel.

And this is what The Consumer Psychology Lab is really good at. We create a safe space for customers to share their stories. We know how to ask and unpack the impact of the story including their ability to forgive, stay loyal, or simply part ways with a brand.

Customers feel heard when they are able to share their experience in their own words and they tell you what is important for them.

We interpret the stories into logical themes, identify underlying causes, impact of service failures and how to fix it. We also translate these stories into metrics to track customers’ “real” experience.

So, if your company is serious about using customer experience to truly differentiate from competitors, why not change your approach to tracking CX? Let your customers tell you how they feel, not give you a number. Contact us so we can tell you more about how to design your unique feedback system

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