Customers’ stories can direct the approach to your business’ recovery

All too often nowadays, the value of customer experience (CX) is discussed as an essential tool to recovering the lost business during lockdown, or the adjust to the new normal. One of the most effective ways to navigate through the changes in consumer needs and behaviour, is to use #Customer feedback.

When given the opportunity to share their stories in their own words, customers are prepared to give more of their time to empower your business. They share what’s it’s like, what they need, expected or value. These valuable pieces of information can really help understand what works (meeting needs on a deeper level) and what does not, how expectations are changing and what should be the priority of your business strategy.

Organisations who see the value of the actual experience (as it is, not pre-empted or pre-populated responses) and not merely drive satisfaction or loyalty indexes, can unlock the power of authentic feedback right.

We often get confronted with pushback not to cal customers for their feedback, and rather use scalable digital platforms. Although there is a place for a variety of methods to get feedback, the real value happens when: customers feel heard, they can contribute to the success of a brand, get access to the the right people who can help them

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