CX heat when it is most needed

CX heat when it is most needed

For most consumers winter is a dreary time and, unless you’re selling fireplaces or wood, many businesses feel the pinch of the cold in their sales too. However, being customer-centric means you need to walk in your customers’ (cold) shoes. Build in some elements in their journey that show that you anticipate their needs. Add that little unexpected warmth with more personalised gestures and get your customers to love doing business with you.

Here are three ideas to consider to warm up your customers’ experience this winter:

• Offer a wintery-something-extra, like surprising your customers with a hot chocolate or a warm coffee in the morning when they wait to be served, or a home-made soup while queuing over lunch time.

• Provide a blanket to patients to stay warm in doctors’ rooms when a procedure or examination is required, or in a restaurant for patrons sitting close to a door and exposed to a cold draft.

• If you don’t normally have a delivery service for gas refills, show your customers you want to keep them comfortable and warm in their houses. Or if you do have a delivery service, offer a cold weather discount. You can even partner with Uber for an UberEats type delivery offer.

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