Gearing for the school holidays with customer journey mapping

Gearing for the school holidays with customer journey mapping

The first, and most essential, step in designing a well-rounded, powerful experience for customers over school holidays, is this: imagine yourself squarely in the mindset of a family on holiday. This helps to understand how to identify opportunities to make it easier or create a memorable experience while on holiday

Simple right? Imagine their worries, what they are most looking for, and how you can be the solution and source of their favourite holiday moments.

Here are 2 questions to help you into your customers’ shoes over the June/July holidays:
For holiday-makers, who are in a relaxed mood, maybe even feel slightly tired: How can you use elements of surprise to create moments that will stay with them, because you understood their frame of mind?

For kids on holiday: How can we provide additional creative, entertaining and/or educational activities for kids, even when it is not part of your normal business, while the parents may be interacting with you?

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